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Ancient soils & semi arid environment

Soils and regolith can be viewed as a thin zone where the Atmosphere, the Biosphere, the Hydrosphere and the Lithosphere overlap and interact. This outer layer of Earth has recently been referred to as the 'Critical Zone' that sustains most terrestrial life.

The Soil Science discipline within the School of Earth & Environment at UWA is in the process of building up Australia's first CZO at the UWA Future Farm at Pingelly, WA.


workshopLatest News

Critical zone observatories in the southern hemisphere – An international workshop
Ancient soils and modern land use - A challenge for critical zone science

Perth, Australia, 10th -12th April 2014. For more information please see the invitation and programme.



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Asst/Prof Matthias Leopold
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Assistant Professor
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Assoc/Prof Deirdre Gleeson

Research Associate Professor
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Dr Gavan McGrath

Assistant Professor
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Assoc/Prof Andrew Rate

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