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Mr Michael Smirk

UWA's Earth and Environment Analysis Laboratory (EEAL) provides facilities and technicians to prepare and analyse plant material for a wide selection of macro and micro elements.

EEAL participates in the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) inter-laboratory plant analysis proficiency program and is certified for a number of tests for client quality assurance.

Details of analytical facilities instrumentation are available online 

Sample digestion

Our facilities accommodate for a range of acid digestions as well as drying and grinding facilities to prepare material for analysis.

Multi-element analysis

Our analytical facilities provide analysis of plant material for macro and micro elements by ICP-OES using a Perkin Elmer 5300DV. Consult our price list for details on available elements. Analysis of other elements (such as Arsenic and Cadmium) is available upon request. 

Total carbon and nitrogen

Total carbon and nitrogen is measured using combustion methods to analysis for Dumas C and N on the Elementar Vario Macro.  Technicians are available to run your samples; alternatively individuals may have the option to be trained in the laboratory and operating procedures.

Kjeldahl digestion

This is a specific sample digestion technique that uses sulphuric acid for the colorimetric determination for Nitrogen and Phosphorus only.

Technicians and training

Our technicians are available to prepare and analyse your samples or to train approved new users to learn sample preparation, digestion/dissolution and analysis techniques.

Price list and request form

Contact us to discuss your analytical requirements, element options and their detection limits.