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Mr Christopher Brouwer

UWA's Earth and Environment Analysis Laboratory (EEAL) specialises in all forms of water analysis including fresh, brackish, seawater, groundwater, porewater and extracts where required.

Our qualified team of technical staff are available to consult on your samples at any point during the process from planning, sample collection, through to analysis, to ensure that the highest quality results can be generated for your data set.

Details of analytical facilities instrumentation are available online

Multi-element analysis

Our facilities can also provide analysis of aqueous macro and micro elements by ICP-OES with our Perkin Elmer 5300DV. Please consult our Price List for details on available elements. EEAL has the potential to accommodate for other elements outside of these upon discussion with our technical staff.

Nutrient analysis

We maintain a dedicated Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) system, Lachat QuikChem 2500 series 2, which is used exclusively for dissolved nitrogen (NH4, NOx/NO3/NO2, digested total N and total dissolved N) and phosphorous (PO4, digested total P and total dissolved P).

Further testing

EEAL offer a wide variety of other analyses, including: chlorophyll by fluorescence or absorption, DOC/DIC, total alkalinity/acidity, TSS/VSS, pH/EC and many more.

For further details on methods and their associated benefits and limitations refer to Eaton et al. (2012)

Price list and request form

Contact us to discuss your analytical requirements, element options and their detection limits.