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Welcome from Postgraduate coordinators

The School focuses on providing an integrated understanding of the Earth, including its geological structure, its physical and biological systems, and the people that inhabit it. As such the school has a wide range of research activities with major centres and programs and is in fact one of the largest schools at UWA. It has a vibrant postgraduate environment with fantastic student engagement and support from the student cohort. We hope that you enjoy your program in the school and trust that you benefit from the world class research and teaching environment we have to offer.

Best of luck with your studies!
EJ Holden and Jason Beringer

Academic matters

If you need to discuss personal or other issues relating to your research, your supervisor is your first point of contact. The Graduate Research Coordinators are your next point of contact.

School candidature requirements

1. School induction

2. Research proposal (6 month)

  • Forming your Student Advisory Committee (SAC) at the School
  • Proposal Seminar
  • Submission of UWA Research Proposal and  Cover Sheet
  • SAC meeting and completion of Graduate student milestone feedback form

3. Annual Report (each year)

  • Submission of UWA Annual Report Form
  • For 1st year Annual Report, completion of Confirmation of Candidature process below

4. Confirmation of Candidature (1 year)

  • Confirmation of candidature including the School’s confirmation of candidature requirements
  • Seminar
  • SAC meeting and submission of graduate student milestone feedback form
  • Setting up a Postgraduate Profile on the School webpage (email to initiate the process).

5. Pre-Submission (6 months prior to completion)

  • Seminar
  • SAC meeting and submission of graduate student milestone feedback form

Graduate Research School

The Graduate Research School contains a wide range of information relating to:


All University forms related to your study should be downloaded from the GRS site as you need them. Forms are regularly updated so download the form when you need it.

Your Postgraduate representatives

The postgraduate representatives are students who represent you in general School matters.
Your postgrad reps are:

There is also a lively postgraduate culture both on social media and in real life. Check out the Facebook page: Postgrads – We want you!

You can also check out the profiles of other Postgraduate students.